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Antaeus, probably the most illustrious and notorious French black metal band of them all, set November 18th 2016 as the release date for their fourth studio effort Condemnation.


1. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Intro)
2. Shadow Fires
3. Flesh Ritual
4. Angels Of Despair
5. Watchers
6. Condemnation
7. Symmetry Of Strangers
8. End Of Days
9. Abeyance

The album will be released by Norma Evangelium Diaboli as CD and LP. Pre-orders will be released and sent out well in advance of the official release date, regardless of the ordered format.

The free digital download coming with all CD/LP orders placed through the Noevdia webstore will be released on the 18th of November.

Pre-orders are also available via the Ajna Offensive for North America.

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